We provide the whole range of actuarial services including the Statutory Appointed Actuary role. We are very experienced in Financial Condition Reporting.

We also assist in-house actuaries of insurance companies where there are resourcing constraints, where there is a need for specialist advice or simply for a second opinion on crucial matters such as:

  • Actuarial valuation of technical provisions (Life and General Reserves)
  • Support and active participation in relevant discussions with the regulatory authorities
  • Assistance on the completion of annual returns
  • Assistance with expense allocation and analysis
  • Solvency calculations


Rating & Pricing

Our product design and profit testing capabilities cover virtually all life, non-life and medical products. We deploy sophisticated burning cost, exposure, frequency/severity models, regression analysis and other risk factor models to support our clients in their rating and pricing. These are bespoke, with a focus on supporting the underwriting process as well as other factors, such as economic dependencies, that are key to the development of our clients’ business. We also assist in pricing reinsurance contracts, using our expertise in stochastic simulation and analysis to provide rounded and robust advice.

Enterprise Risk Management

We work closely with the main stakeholders and management of our clients to develop and implement successful ERM frameworks. We generally embed ERM as a three-step process:

  • Understand the client’s existing ERM processes including validation and any quick amendments
  • Design and agree with the client a target ERM model for benchmarking
  • Design and implement revised ERM process

This process improves the company’s efficient deployment of capital and improves consistency within the various business units. Furthermore, it enhances the company’s reputation and ensures compliance with upcoming regulation where management is expected to have a better understanding of the risks the company faces.

Capital Modelling

We have significant experience in working with various life and non-life companies around internal capital modelling. As regulatory regimes are shifting towards risk-based capital approaches, we work together with our clients to offer practical and cost-effective solutions to the significant challenges they face. The range of projects that we have been involved in covers the full spectrum of capital modelling, including (but not limited to):

  • Model design
  • Model build and parameterisation
  • Result production, stochastic simulation and analysis
  • Reporting
  • Capital projections

Business Planning

By using cutting edge financial modelling, we help clients make better business decisions. Areas include:

  • Balance sheet, Income Statement and Cash flow analysis
  • Equity release or extent of capital required for business growth
  • Expected return on capital
  • Inflation modelling
  • Impact of gearing on risk and returns
  • Assist with project and financial evaluation
  • IFRS17 impact and consequences


Employee benefit schemes

ACAS Actuaries Limited offers advice and training to trustees of Defined Benefit pension schemes in the following areas:

  • Scheme funding
  • Scheme governance, compliance and risk management
  • Investment strategy and investment default options
  • Risk benefits, e.g. death-in-service, ill-health
  • Cash flow modelling and projections
  • Scheme design
  • Member communications
  • Actuarial guidance and factors
  • Annual funding updates

In addition, we offer advice and training to managers of Defined Contribution pension schemes in the following areas:

  • Member communications
  • Investment strategy and investment default options
  • Risk benefits
  • Scheme design
  • Scheme review

We also provide advice on:

  • Pension scheme accounting
  • IAS 19 valuations